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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hanayama Cast Puzzle: Cast Ring I

Puzzle: Cast Ring I
Brand: Hanayama
Inventor: Bram Cohen & Oscar Van Deventer
ST (solve time): FAILED
Cast Ring I

Yes... Another puzzle from Hanayama. Since this brand led me into exploring puzzles, I brought most of my first puzzles in this series.

This is the Cast Ring I, with the shape of a ring (obviously) combined with four rings, and was rated a four in the hanayama scale. Unlike most Hanayama puzzles, the goal of this puzzle was mainly focused on putting it back together, since the puzzle just falls apart by itself.

I brought this puzzle along with Cast Spiral in a nearby puzzle store. After the experience with Marble, I was then attracted into puzzles and brought this one shortly after. I was quite surprised when i got it, since it was called ring-I have somehow expected it to be smaller. Actually, the size was too big for a ring, but small for a bracelet-I would really appreciate if the size was somehow adjusted so it could double up as an accessory (As the case with some other ring puzzles and some Hanayama puzzles). Okay, enough opinions, down to my experience. This being my second-only puzzle, I didn’t expect it to fall apart in my hands. After panicking, I worked to put it back together. Here I give a
 warning-THE PUZZLE FALLS APART SO BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OPENED IT! Not having enough time to examine the puzzle, I used the picture on the box to know what the solved state was, which isn’t a lot of help. After a while I gave up, and peeked at the solution. (God forgave me! I was only a junior at the time!) With the beginning position ready, I was able to put it back. It seemes that i gained too much confidence on my success with the Marble-I’ll have to be careful afterwards!
The opened puzzle

Overall not a bad puzzle, looks great on a shelf-but be sure to remind people who are tempted to try of the puzzle’s looseness!

I brought it from a nearby store, but you can buy it from Puzzlemaster here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hanayama Cast Puzzle: Cast Marble

Puzzle: Cast Marble
Brand: Hanayama
Inventor: Bram Cohen & Oscar Van Deventer
ST (solve time): ~30 m

Cast Marble
Ok, this is my first blog post so I think I would just start reviewing with my first puzzle. This is the Cast Marble, shaped like a round marble trapped inside a square. At first sight it might seem impossible to get the ball out, but after further examination you'll find that it's actually made of four pieces-two formed the outside cube, and two formed the steel ball. The puzzle had a nice metal finish, which you can tell by how smooth the parts turn and move along.

Before I discovered the Marble, my interest in puzzles were really inactive, since I'm never so into puzzles and haven't did a lot of research (Which I'm starting to do now). I've thought that puzzles were boring wire stuff that ended up with a jumbled mess on your hand, but the Marble in a store really caught up my attention. Since it has a reasonable price, I just bought it-Which proves to be a right choice. Now I'm really exploring the puzzle world in a full new prospective! Thank you Marble!

The first thing you'll notice when you opened the package is that the two outer parts of the puzzle tends to move in a sideway motion. Don't get trapped! It does let you see and understand the puzzle better-but has nothing to do with the solution. Since I haven't had a puzzle in years, I fiddled with the puzzle with 0% experience. Finally after five minutes I put it down and looked at the [SPOILER] package box for hints. And I did find one indeed! Using the hint, I was able to solve it in a fairly quick time. The solution was precise, but one was able to find it using logic. Looking at others' experience with Marble, I found that even if anyone is able to solve it, they tend to forget how they opened it, thus having trouble in assembling. The same thing happened to me-It isn't until ten minutes later did I put it back into it's original position. Also, the four pieces were hard to manipulate, so usually in the first few times of reassembling another person was needed to help assemble the puzzle. After some practice one can be able to assemble the puzzle by himself. (Thanks Louis!)

Overall a fun puzzle-I recommand this to everybody. A really attractive one on a bookshelf. The only letdown is that the outer part tends to catch fingerprints, and the paint wears off, so may the cleaning cloth be with you!

I brought it from a store in my city, but you can buy it from Puzzlemaster here.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Introducing: Hello

Hi, everyone. I am a amateur puzzler, or (Credit to Oli) a metagrobologist. Inspired by other puzzle blogs, I decided to create my own to share my exeriences to others. So here it is-Puzzle Explorer. I am still new to this puzzle world, so I thought "Explorer" will be a good name. I wish you enjoy my blog just as the many others out there.
My name is all the information I'd give-consider the rest a puzzle for you to figure out!
A happy "puzzday" to all of you!