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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revomaze Titanium Extreme

Puzzle: Revomaze Titanium Extreme
Brand: Revomaze
Inventor: Chris Pitt
ST: ~3 days

Revomaze Titanium Extreme
So wandering in the puzzle world I came about a series of puzzles called the Revomaze, and ever since I solved the first one I became completely addicted to them.

For those of you who hasn't heard of Revomazes I'll give a short explanation. The Revomaze is a series of puzzle invented by Chris Pitt. They are metal maze puzzles where you have to go through a labyrinth until you get to the end. The puzzle have three parts: The outer sleeve, the shaft, and the central core. There is a sprung pin inside the sleeve which walks in a maze engraved on the shaft. You have to push, pull, twist and turn to get to the finish at which point a dot will appear on the shaft. But not so easy! This series of puzzle really stood out from the others because the maze is not 2D, but 3D! The tracks has different heights, and if you drop to some of the lower ones... Start Over! After lining it up with another one on the sleeve, you can pull the shaft fully out, then release the central core out-revealing a certificate for completing the maze, with the signature from the designer himself. The different mazes range from easy to extreme (some have taken people years), but that does not mean the easy ones are a breeze. The units to count the solve times of most Revomazes are hours, or even days, indicating their level of difficulty. Machined from solid brass, the Revomazes are not cheap-but definitely worth the money!

Usually people start with blue, the easiest maze in the series. Following it are green, bronze, silver and finally the unite gold. As of the titanium-it was a limited edition that has a difficulty of about 85/100, whereas the blue was rated 50/100. So how come I had such a hard one as my first?

My serial number-21-50
When I found the Revomaze series, it turns out that I am a latecomer in the show, and some puzzles are going to or already are extinct. So in order to not miss out on any ones that are available, I brought the CE, or collector's set which includes all five puzzles in the main series-plus a limited edition. And you're right, it's the Titanium. But luckily the Ti is a static maze, meaning there isn't any moving parts in the maze, leaving me a classic type Revomaze. Wandering unexperienced in the maze I found some pathways but no other ways to go. Here I give a warning: do not play with the Revomaze for a long period! Your hand would be VERY sore.

Resorting to the forums, I've found the old, useful way-making a map. With a accurate map I was able to find where I haven't gone, and also the only possible pathway to the end. In the next few hours I learned the second element needed to open a Revomaze aside from a clear mind-a steady hand.
Continuing to work on the puzzle the next day. I got further, but the accuracy level required me to draw on the shaft. By now I have been used to the feeling of Revomazes and can easily manipulate the shaft. After a while the dot appears, hands are shaking, the two dots were closer and closer to be lined up-


Finally at the 8 hour count the dots lined up with a satisfying click, then the shaft literally dropped out, revealing a rather gorgeous piece of complex work. The high quality machining is definitely worth your little sacrifice. And then the central core was out, along with the certificate signed by Chris Pitt himself.

The puzzle was, although static, very sneaky. Chris implemented something very evil within the limitations of a nonmoving maze and I found out that, being a beginner, I was very lucky on solving this one in just 3 days. I have to say this fantastic puzzle has definitely gotten me hooked already-I am not going to miss out on any future Revomazes!

A close-up of the certificate
Overall the Revomazes series are a great puzzles series that almost passes all compare, and the quality and level of difficulty is both satisfying. This one is a limited edition, so it's not obtainable unless you purchase the costly collector's set, but all puzzles from the main series, another limited edition orange, and plastic versions of the puzzle is available from here.

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