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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hanayama Cast Puzzle: Cast NEWS

Puzzle: Cast NEWS
Brand: Hanayama
Inventor: NOB Yoshigahara
ST: ~1 week

Now to introduce one of my favorite puzzles...The Cast News. It was invented by Mr. Yoshigahara at the age of 19, pretty amazing isn't it? Some people are born for you to look up onto. The puzzle was rated the highest rating on the Hanayama scale-6. I expected much of a challenge when I brought it-and it definitely give me a good amount of torture time! It was made of two pieces that join together to firm a octagon. The puzzle was defined to be somehow like a compass, with N, E, W, and S engraved on it. It was made of good bronze, and was designed to have a aged look, similar to several other Hanayamas, such as the Enigma, the Coil etc.

When having a first try, you'll notice things going inside there. Sort of like a marble rolling around. So this must be the locking mechanism! There seemed to be a LOT of things inside because in every direction you tilt, something clicks. Still, being the unexperienced me and haven't seen puzzles of the like, I figured that this must be a multiple-step puzzle where you tilt it in the correct direction, and let one thing block each other until it was finally able to come apart. Oh how wrong I was. Fiddle-Fiddle-dee, no avail after sometime, I finally thought of a approach using a simple law of physics. I tried it-No avail. So back to the fiddling, and I at last determined what was going on there. If I really was right, then NOB was really a clever dude... So five minuted later lo and behold it opened! Examining it, i could tell that I am right. The inventor added a nice twist to a simple concept that makes the puzzle more interesting, which is why I so liked this one. I can only say that if your idea didn’t work, it might not be wrong-Think of your theories again, and figuring the positions of the things inside will surely help.

A good puzzle indeed-To my suggestion you must have it, great invention by NOB again!

Here is where you’ll get this puzzle.


  1. I think I need to get one of these!

    You really could do with adding some pictures to the site if possible.


  2. The time to solve is really individual ... this one took me just 10min.

    1. Congrats chipiik on the solving time! It's a hard puzzle, I'm impressed. Yes the solving time varies from person to person, I am just giving mine as a reference as well as giving the reader an idea of the time span of the post.

    2. Than you for this article Will! I found one of these on my uncle's shelf when I visited him in AZ. After figuring out it was a puzzle I tried everything you mentioned before I found this. I appreciate you not giving away the secret. It made it more exciting when I solved it on my own! Unfortunately when I did no one was around. So as a tease I snapped a photo and returned the closed puzzle with a picture of it opened. Very creative puzzle.

  3. i stole one from shopko

  4. jk, its only 7 dollars