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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Temple Escape!

Puzzle: Temple Trap
Brand: Thinkfun
Inventor: Raf Peeters (Thanks for noting)

Temple trap-level 17
This is Temple Trap from Smart Games (Thanks for the correction), a company which sells puzzles with pieces to move with and challenge cards for you to orientate them in order to start the challenge. They're mostly made in plastic which enables the cheap price-and with 48 different level challenges in one puzzle you really can't go wrong in buying one.

Lvl 17 solved
Upon selecting a level you begin by arranging the tiles and placing the figure. Then, try and move the tiles so that the adventurer can escape from the temple from the exit on the top left. This is not an puzzle like the normal moving tiles because you have to be moving the figure corresponding with the tiles making a way for it. Then there were the added restrictions like the tile the figure was on cannot be moved, the figure can only get on green tiles by stairs etc... All to make this puzzle a fairly good challenge. In order to pass each level planning ahead is required as you sort out the steps one by one, and sometimes you'll get lost in the steps and go around in circles-so keeping track of what you've done is also recommended.

Having 48 levels with different difficulty I think it is suitable for all people from non-puzzlers to the masters, and would definitely increase your puzzling skills going up the levels one by one. It also includes a plastic cover so you can take the puzzle wherever you go and not worry about the pieces falling out. In my opinion it was a well-designed puzzle with a nice theme.

You can purchase it here from Smart Games, but I think they only ship to the US for now so I guess others will have to just keep waiting!


  1. Temple Trap is marketed by Smartgames not Thinkfun...

  2. the inventor is Raf Peeters from Belgium. have a look at :-)

  3. Hi, thanks for the correction and noting, I have refined my post. This amateur blogger has learned a lesson... :)

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