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Friday, November 2, 2012

Rush Hour App

The Original RushHour
Puzzle: Thinkfun Rush Hour App
Brand: Thinkfun
Inventor: NOB Yoshigahara

The famous RushHour is a world-known puzzle invented by the great inventor NOB Yoshigahara and brought to life by Thinkfun, a company selling many different kinds of creative brainteasers and puzzles. This was one of the puzzles that even a non-puzzler would know-Try asking someone who does not play with puzzles and ask them if they know about either the Stickman Milestone Box or RushHour-Which one stood a better chance?

For those who don't know, the RushHour is a sliding tile puzzle with cars of certain lengths in a grid blocking each other, representing a traffic jam, and the goal was to free the red car from the exit. Unlike other sliding tile puzzles the cars are only limited to move in two directions, which added up the difficulty. Lots of thinking and planning were required to pass the harder levels.

Lvl 19 on the app version 
Anyway, the puzzle is so well-designed that it even brings itself on the apple market! Thinkfun's got three of their puzzles turned into apps-RushHour, Solitaire Chess, and Chocolate Fix, all of which I favor. And the nice folks at Thinkfun were kind enough to give me free codes of all these for review... Thanks Thinkfun! Whilst the puzzles has 48 challenges, softwares has a humongous amount of level with 100 at each difficulty! This certainly would keep puzzlers busy for a bit of time... Quite a bit... Softwares also had their advantages shown in the app with all the scoring, hints, and immediate reset button, in my opinion all nice features.

Now the concept of RushHour allows not only hundreds, but thousands of different combinations to come, so many new developments came-Another app called RushHour! Holiday edition was released, and I've heard that there's new level packs being sold for plastic editions... Methinks new levels would never cease to come for this traffic jam puzzle... Very nice one Mr. NOB! It's one of the footprints he left on earth before the great master went away.

The RushHour! Plastic can be purchased from here, and the app version can be purchased rom the app store for about 2.99. Some likes the solid and sturdy feel of the plastic version, others prefer the functions and portability of the apps... Each to their own.

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